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Cognitive Walkthroughs

  • Why is feedback being sought now?
    We’d like to get your insight to help inform the major elements of the design. Getting feedback early in the design process will help:​ identify and address issues early before significant development resources are invested​. ensure the design aligns with our needs and prevents the development of features or elements that are irrelevant or counterproductive from a user perspective​. validate assumptions about our needs and preferences, leading to a more informed design.​
  • What can we provide feedback on?
    The early designs have blocked out the size, potential location and number of different types of spaces, rooms and amenities. We are using these initial designs to capture all feedback regarding the physical environment to test initial design assumptions and tactics. This can be from the type of spaces and rooms you would like to see through to the furniture and equipment we consider.
  • What's the advantage of this approach?
    The virtual walkthrough is designed with scenarios to immerse you in a realistic context, just like your everyday experiences. This approach allows us to identify usability issues and areas for improvement more effectively. By putting you in the same mindset as your daily tasks, we can validate if the major design elements align with our needs. ​
  • What's a typical session like?
    Sessions are 45-minute long and conducted remotely via MS Teams or WebEx. Using a virtual walkthrough platform, a moderator will guide your exploration of the concept workplace. Simulating a day at the office, you will be asked to choose spaces for various workday activities. During this simulation, you’ll be encouraged to think aloud, sharing your thoughts, reactions, and impressions about how well these spaces meet your needs.
  • Who will see the results of the study?
    Your participation in the study is strictly confidential between the researcher moderating the study and the design team. All information you share will be kept anonymous and confidential.​
  • Will sessions be recorded?
    You will be asked whether you agree to record your session. Virtual session are recorded to improve the quality and accuracy of the data collection, with recordings destroyed once the study is complete. You will have the opportunity to consider whether you are comfortable having your session recorded twice: during registration and then again before you begin.
  • If I no longer want to participate, how can I opt out?
    At anytime, you can choose to withdraw by contacting​
  • Where will the building be located?
    The Department is still in negotiations with the preferred tenderer. Once the procurement process is finalised we will be able to share details on the new workplace including the location.
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