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Here are just some of the ways we've helped organisations to become more responsive.

Workplace Needs

Making good people and workplace decisions has become a whole lot more complicated in a world of disruption, continual technological advancements and talent shortages. The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications [DITRDC] property team wanted to engage senior executive in thinking about the future of work and future workplace needs for 1,300 people nationally.

Networked Teams

Supported the ACT Government Transformation Program team, senior executives and Information Technology subject matter experts to explore the feasibility, methodology and pilot approach to using digital communication and collaboration meta data to conduct organisational network analysis as an ongoing source of business intelligence to benchmark and monitor effectiveness of organisational and workplace interventions and improvement initiatives across 26,000 employees.


Re-design the way capability is thought of and developed for the Biosecurity Operations Division of the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment across approximately 2,200 biosecurity inspectors, assessors, veterinarians, scientists, surveillance officers, leaders policy officers and support staff.

Culture Shift

The Department of Defence continues to drive transformation across the enterprise, including an important cultural shift toward One Defence via common values and behaviours. The Security and Estate Group [SEG] co designed a Culture Plan to intentionally align, empower and drive this shift across their 1,900 APS and 150 ADF staff.


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